Back in June 2017, Finnish game developer Supercell announced its next big thing ‘Brawl Stars’ via a live stream video on YouTube. Immediately afterward, on June 15, 2017, the game received a soft launch on iOS Canadian App Store. From here, it took 8 months for the soft launch to progress towards Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway App Stores. June 26, 2018, was the day when ‘Brawl Stars’ made its way on Android. Since then, it has been more than 16 months that gamers from all across the globe are waiting eagerly for the global launch of the game. Finally, on November 14, 2018, Supercell took on YouTube and honored the anticipations, expectations, and wait of the gaming population by declaring that the worldwide launch of Brawl Stars is due in December 2018.


Brawl Stars has globally generated an unprecedented buzz. The craze, curiosity and the delirium associated with Brawl Stars is peerless. Even Clash of Clans and Clash Royale didn’t generate this much global frenzy as Brawl Stars is bringing forth. With the global launch of the game, the long-running gestation period will finally end. Pre-registration for Brawl Stars is already underway. The game, developed particularly for mobile, is a curious mixture of Fortnite and Clash Royale. It is a competitive shooter with a range of offbeat heroes having their own individual strengths and weaknesses, coming with prismatic skins to unlock.

Brawl Stars | Game Modes

If we speak about Clash Royale then it is a complex strategy game, while, on the other hand, Brawl Stars is a competitive shooter game with a cartoony feel. Brawl Stars has eight unique game modes: Bounty, Brawl Ball, Smash and Grab, Heist, Showdown, Duo Showdown, Robo Rumble, and Boss Fight. Let us talk about each game mode one by one.

Bounty mode

Players participate in a 3 Vs 3 battle which lasts for 2 minute and 30 seconds. In the beginning, there is a single star in the middle of the map. If you get it then your team’s value will increase by one star. With each kill that you make you get a star. Be aware as if you get killed your stars will move to the opponent team. So if you are a most wanted brawler with seven stars then you got to be more careful as one wrong move from your side can change the entire course of the match.

Brawl Ball

In this mode you actually play football. The ball lies in the very center of the map. There are two teams and each team will try to kick the ball into the opposing team’s goal. If you desire to win then you must kick or carry the ball into the enemy’s goal twice. Again, like Bounty Mode, there is a time limit of 2 minute and 30 seconds. Please note that if the game ends in a tie then an overtime mode comes up in which all barriers present in the map vanish. It is an open field and whichever team scores the next goal, wins.

Smash and Grab

In this mode is a battle that takes place with an overhead perspective which you play and undergoes as a team and your team requires grabbing 10 gems and thereafter has an obligation to defend them before the timer runs outs. Each gem collected by a brawler will stay with that brawler until victory or until the brawler’s death. On a brawler’s death, the gem he has will spill in the battlefield and any other brawler can pick it up. The game is over when one team controls at least 10 gems for a time frame of minimum 16 seconds.

Heist mode

There are six players with three in each team. The battle lasts for 2 minute and 30 seconds. One team has to defend the safe while the other team will try to attack and open it up. If your team has to open the safe and you fail to do so in stipulated time then the team which is defending the safe will win.

Showdown mode

This is, actually, a survival mode wherein you require eliminating other brawlers and be the sole survivor. There are ten other brawlers in the mode with each one of them trying to eliminate the other brawlers first.

Duo Showdown mode

In this mode you can choose one of your friends and be a team. Thereafter, you require eliminating the other ten teams. Whatever Power-Ups you will achieve as you progress through the Duo Showdown mode are on a shareable basis.


  • Please note that depending upon your performance in the game modes you can earn trophies or lose trophies from your existing holdings. Only in Robo Rumble game mode you cannot earn or lose a trophy.
  • The game moves forward in a similar way as Clash Royale. As you continue to progress in the game you earn coins and keys through which you can acquire and open loot boxes that either contains a new character or an upgrade for your current brawlers. Moreover, you continue to climb higher in the leaderboard as you make your way through the game adding more winnings under your hood.
  • Like with each Supercell game, gems act as a superior currency. With gems, you can unlock cosmetic skins for your brawlers.
  • If you are thinking that Brawl Stars, being a shooting game, might turn out to be extremely violent then you must abandon and discard this thought immediately. As mentioned before, Brawl Stars comes with a cartoon-like gameplay with no blood or death animations. Developers of the game have taken special care to avoid violence and bloodshed.

Now that you know about the features and the gameplay of Brawl Stars, it will be interesting to know about the Brawlers available in the game.

Brawl Star Brawlers

Players get brawlers from Brawl Boxes. However, players acquire certain brawlers through League Rewards by gaining trophies. Each brawler comes with a primary attack and a super ability which are upgradable. Let us have a look at each brawler along with their powers and super moves one by one.

Common Brawlers

Shotgun Shelly

Shelly has got various roles in the game. She is a fighter, the shotgun wielder, the runner and even a showdown master. No doubt, that she is one of the most used characters in the game. Moreover, she is the first character that you will unlock in the game.

Attack: Buckshot

Buckshot shells are present in Shelly’s broomstick and this attack makes Shelly one of the best solo fighters in the game. One buckshot attack has a capability to bring in a damage of 400 to the enemy. Moreover, she has a considerably higher range as compared to other shotgun users in the game.

Super Ability: Grapeshot

The super ability of Shelly has got the power to destroy the cover as well as the enemy hidden behind the cover. If anybody is able to survive Shelly’s super ability they have to deal with the severe knock backing ability of the grapeshot.

Star Power

Shelly’s super shells have the ability to slow down the enemies for 2.5 seconds. Whenever Shelly does her super attack the enemy slows down and later she can constantly use the primary to eliminate the enemy.

Colt: The Town Sheriff

Colt is a very good attacker in the game and he is somewhat of a sniper as well. His attacks are a considerably long range but they have a slim width. In a 3 Vs 3 situation, you can keep Colt back and use him as a sniper to afflict damage on the opponent team.

Attack: Six Shooters

Colt fires in a straight line six bullets with each bullet bearing a damage of 80. However, it is pretty hard to make all the six bullets land on the enemy.

Super Ability: Bullet Train

In his Super, Colt fires a big mighty mountain of bullets which can break blocks even.

Star Power: Slick Boots

Colts new boots in the game increase his movement speed. Moreover, Colt has got an ability that if he is able to mirror the other opponent moves, he can make all six bullets land on the enemy.

Nita Little foot

Nita Little foot is a two-man army in the game. She can take most of the roles in the game. She can become a tank by utilizing the power of the big baby bear. Her 800 HP combines with the 1000 HP of the bear taking her health to a whopping 1800 HP. Moreover, she can corner the enemy with her bear as well.

Attack: Rupture

This is a splashing type of attack which goes like a shockwave and is capable of dealing with all the enemies at a once. However, the attack is a short range as considerable to other brawlers.

Super Ability: Overbearing

In her super ability, Nita calls the spirit of Big Baby Bear which mauls her enemies. This is one of the strongest supers in Brawl Stars.

Star Power

Nita recovers 300 of her health whenever her bear hits an enemy. When Nita afflicts damage on an enemy, her bear regains 300 of her health.


Dynamike has a medium health of 700 at the base. He can attack his enemies from over the walls by throwing dynamites. All you require is a few dynamites and your enemy is gone. However, the major concern of Dynamike is that he takes time to throw the dynamites and moreover, the dynamites take time to explode as well. There are very high chances that in this process itself somebody eliminates Dynamike.

Attack: Short Fuse

Dynamike throws two lit dynamites in his attack. If the enemy is behind a wall still he won’t survive.

Super Ability: Big Barrel o’Boom

In his super, Dynamike throws the entire barrel of gunpowder that he carries on his back. The blast has got a considerably big radius and deals severe damage to the enemies.

Star Power: Dynamite Jump

By utilizing the force of his attacks Dynamike can propel himself in the air and even over the walls. Moreover, nobody can hit Dynamike when he is in mid-air.

El Primo

El Primo is the brawler in Brawl Stars whom a meteor hits and because of that he has got superpowers. He has got 1300 of health.

Attack: Slap Sandwich

Under this attack, El Primo launches 4 punches each with a damage of 80. In Brawl Stars El Primo is a favorable Brawler if you are going one on one with someone.

Super Ability: Flying Elbow Drop

In his Super, El Primo jumps into the air and creates a shockwave on hitting the ground. You can compare this with the Hulk Smash.

Star Power

After El Primo’s super hits the enemies, they require waiting for 7 seconds in order to start healing. This is an ideal time to kill the enemy.

Rare Brawlers


Bull health sits at 1200. He has got a high damage but short ranged shotgun attack. But, he can hide well in bushes. So whenever an enemy is close by, Bull can come out of the bushes can land severe damage on the enemy.

Attack: Double Barrel Shotgun

As said above, the double barrel shotgun deals severe damage but has a short range. So, Bull is ideally the best ganker which means he can hide in bushes and launch a severe attack when the enemy is close.

Super Ability: Bull Dozer

As clear from the name, with this Super, Bull charges forward with unimaginable force and dozes everything out of his way.

Star Power

Under his star power, Bulls gets berserk i.e. whenever he falls below 50% health, his reload speed doubles giving Bull an amazing ability to dominate enemies in the Brawl Stars game.


Brock is a ranged brawler with a health of 600 at the base. He is extremely easy to use and has got considerably higher power as compared to other Brawlers. However, you require maintaining the accuracy of his attacks.

Attack: Shoulder Rocket

Brock carries a rocket launcher on his shoulder and a single rocket attack really goes the distance to hit the enemy.

Super Ability: Rocket Jive

Under his super, Brock doesn’t hit a single rocket; instead, he launches a barrage of rockets that destroy anything coming underway.

Star Power: Incendiary

Brock’s primary attack set the ground on fire on impact. So, if any enemy is in the area he will take a damage of 240 per second.


Barley is again a ranged brawler in Brawl Stars. He has a base health of 600 and does a base damage of 120 per second. He is a long-range attacker and has got a pretty strong region of attacks.

Attack: Undiluted

Barley throws a bottle under his primary attack which breaks upon impact and creates a puddle of corrosive contents. Any enemy standing in the puddle will receive damage.

Super Ability: Last Call

Under his super, Barley throws innumerable bottles covering a big-sized area in fire. Enemies need to run away if they want to save themselves.

Star Power: Medical Use

From each bottle that Barley launches under his primary attack, he takes a swig and regains 100 of his health.


Jessie creates dangerous turrets from scrap metal. She has a moderate base health of 700 and got a somewhat medium base damage of 140.

Attack: Shock Rifle

Under her primary attack, Jessie releases an energy orb that can hit up to 3 targets in a single shot. So, if you hit one person you will certainly hit another. Moreover, it has got a pretty high range as well.

Super Ability: Scrappy

Under her super, Jessie creates a gun turret which has as much health as she is having at that moment. Moreover, it shoots pretty quickly.

Star Power: Energize

Jessie modifies her shock rifle attack to recharge her turrets. With each hit, the turrets restore 600 of their missing health.

Super Rare Brawlers


Poco is a character in Brawl Stars with moderate health. His normal attack has one of the widest ranges in the game. This means you need not worry about your aim when you have Poco on your side. It is extremely hard to unlock Poco.

Attack: Power Chord

Poco has a guitar through which it sends sound waves. An enemy who gets hit by the wave has to deal with the damage.

Super Ability: Encore

Poco has got a marvelous super in Brawl Stars. He plays a melody that heals himself as well as any teammate that falls within the range.

Star Power: Da Capo

The primary attack of Poco serves as his star power as well. Whenever his primary attack of power chord hits friendly Brawlers in Brawl Stars, their health gets re-energized by 200.


Ricochet is a brawler for those players who have a pretty good aim. He has got the extremely long range as compared to other brawlers in Brawl Stars. However, it is pretty hard to unlock Ricochet.

Attack: Bouncy Bullets

Under his primary attack Ricochet fires 5 bullets with a damage of 80 each. So, if you aim properly, you can afflict your enemy with a damage of 400. Moreover, unlike Colt, Ricochet’s bullets are pretty hard to avoid as they are fast and even bounce off walls.

Super Ability: Trick Shot

This is basically the primary attack of Ricochet but he fires more bullets under this and has a much longer range than his primary attack. These bullets have the ability to pierce through one enemy and hit another.

Star Power: Super Bouncy

Under his Star Power, Ricochet’s bullets afflict a damage of plus 80 when they get their first bounce.


Bo comes with a base health of 800. The arrows thrown by Bo are of splash damage type. Each arrow afflicts a damage of 100 on the enemies. Moreover, the arrows have got every chance to hit the enemy.

Bo is best in the case of choking his enemies. There is a choke point in each map through which the enemy has to pass constantly. Hence, he can cover the entrance point very well killing more than one enemy at once. This makes Bo a pretty dangerous Brawler in Brawl Stars game.

Attack: Eagle-Eyed

Bo releases three exploding arrows at once tearing up the enemies in Brawl Stars.

Super Ability: Catch a Fox

Under his super, Bo hides explosive traps on the ground. Enemies stepping on the traps will simply get blown away.

Star Power: Circling Eagle

Under his star power, Bo has the ability to spot enemies which are hidden in bushes from a pretty long distance. The best thing about his star power is that teammates share the same.


Darryl comes under the family of robots in Brawl Stars. His damage is high when he hits in close range, however, the same fall if the enemy is far. Hence, Darryl is pretty good in close combat.

Attack: Double Deuce

Darryl has two double barrel shotguns which fire two blasts that afflict high damage to an enemy in close range.

Super Ability: Barrel Roll

Darryl gets into his barrel and simply rolls along, bouncing off walls and damaging any enemies that come in his way.

Epic Brawlers


Piper, as you might know, is a female brawler in Brawl Stars. She is a kind-of sniper in Brawl Stars that has got a long-range attack with a damage of 460 per shot at the furthest range. She has got a very high attack speed of 3500.

Attack: Para Strike

Piper fires a sniper shot and farther the shot goes, more damage it afflicts to the enemy.

Super Ability: Popping

If you are playing Piper and your enemies are surrounding you from all sides you can simply hop away from the spot leaving three live grenades behind afflicting a high range of damage on the enemies.

Star Power: Ambush

Piper places an ambush whenever she is hidden in a bush which deals in a damage of 400 plus at maximum range.


Pam has got a base health of 1000. Her damage is low but the range of her damage is pretty wide.

Attack: Scrap Storm

Pam simply takes up the scrap metal and blasts the same on her enemies. Her attack is wide ranged but inaccurate. If the attack hits the enemy point blank it can bring in a damage of 400, otherwise, you require sufficing from a damage of 40 only.

Super Ability: Mama’s Kiss

Pam has got a healing turret. You can put it behind a wall and heal yourself by standing in front of the wall. Moreover, you can attack and heal yourself simultaneously.

Star Power: Mama’s Hug

Under her star power, whenever Pam user her Scrap Storm attack she heals herself as well as nearby friendly Brawlers with a health of 30.

Mythic Brawlers


Mortis can gap close on Brawlers in Brawl Stars that are long-ranged. The regular attack of Mortis can be used as a gap closer as well as for running away.

Attack: Shovel Swing

Under his primary attack, Mortis simply dashes forward with a sharp swing of his shovel.

Super Ability: Life Blood

This is one of the best supers in Brawl Stars. Under his super, Mortis calls a swarm of vampire bats that suck the life out of his enemies and drain their health. The beauty of this super move is that it drains the health of Mortis’ enemies but restores his health. Moreover, it is easily usable on multiple enemies at once.

Star Power: Creepy Harvest

Mortis can, actually, see and reap the souls of the enemies who face defeat by him. If he manages to collect a soul it restores 1000 of his health.


Tara has got a powerful super about which we are going to talk below. She has got a good long range attack that pierces the targets. If all her three cards hit the character, the damage is seriously high.

Attack: Triple Tarot

As mentioned above, she throws off three tarot cards that pierce through enemies.

Super Ability: Gravity

Her super acts like a black hole and attracts every enemy that comes within its range. Eventually, the enemies will bump with each other afflicting a high amount of damage on each.

Star Power: Black Portal

Under her star power, Tara uses her super to unlock a dimensional portal. Through this portal, a shadowy version of Tara appears and attacks her enemies.

Legendary Brawlers


Crow is a long-range attacker that works pretty well in battle that lasts for a long time. He is pretty fast and has got an exceptionally long range.

Attack: Knife Toss

Crow throws three poisoned daggers on enemies. Enemies that get hit by these blades will suffer from damage over time.

Super Ability: Swoop

Crow flies in the sky throwing a ring of poisoned daggers around him. This Crow does both at take-off and landing.

Star Power: Extra Toxic

The poison thrown by Crow works as toxic on the enemy’s strength. While the poison is active the enemy will do a 10% less damage.


Attack of Spike slows down your enemies. Hence, Spike works pretty well in team battles. Moreover, both his regular and super attacks slow down enemies. The regular attack of Spike splits in all directions. So, if an enemy is standing close, the attack is extremely difficult to dodge.

Attack: Needle Grenade

Spike throws a small cactus that explodes throwing needles or cactus spikes in every direction. As mentioned above, it is very difficult to dodge this attack.

Super Ability: Stick Around

Under his super, Spike throws a barrage of cactus all around. Enemies that get caught in the area takes damage and slow down.

Star Power: Fertilize

Whenever Spike uses his super, he regenerates 500 of his health per second by staying in the area of effect.

These are the brawlers available in Brawl Stars game. Now, you are all set to play Brawl Stars on your Android or iOS smartphone. There is, absolutely, no need to worry if you don’t live in the soft-launch countries as Supercell is going for a global launch of Brawl Stars in December 2018 on Android and iOS.

Download Brawl Stars on Android & iOS

The global launch of Brawl Stars is not far away. Post the global launch you can download Brawl Stars on your Android and iOS smartphones by following these steps.

Brawl Stars on Android

  • All you require doing is to launch Google Play Store on your Android device and search for ‘Brawl Stars.’
  • Tap on the search result to navigate to the introduction screen of the game and click ‘Install’ to download the game on your Android smartphone.
  • Since it is not a third party application, you need not require turning on the option of ‘Unknown Sources.’

Brawl Stars on iOS

  • Similar to Android, Brawl Stars post the global launch; will be available on Apple App Store.
  • All you require doing is to launch Apple App Store on your iPhone/iPad and search for ‘Brawl Stars.’
  • Tap on the search result and hit on ‘Get’ to install the game on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Once the installation is successful the game’s icon will be available on the home screen of your iPhone/iPad.

Brawl Stars on Android and iOS Devices

Brawl Stars with its eight gameplay modes, an abundance of cool brawlers, and a competitive shooting platform is already a hit in the soft-launch countries. According to Supercell developers, they weren’t having much of the experience in developing a shooting game. Hence, they decided to give a soft launch to the game pretty early so that they can access user feedback based on which they developed the game further. Moreover, according to reports by players in the soft launch countries, they are not facing any kind of issues in the controls of the game and the gameplay is pretty elegant and smooth.

Just like Supercell’s other games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach, Brawl Stars is all set to receive a mammoth response by Android and iOS gamers from all across the world. After so long in development, the target of Brawl Stars is to join the artful and the impalpable club of Supercell’s previous games. It will be, indeed, interesting to see if Supercell gets to enjoy another success story with Brawl Stars, when the game finally launches globally in December 2018. Stay tuned with us and we will let you know as soon as Brawl Stars undergoes the global launch.